Cattleya Journey Peruvian Amazon Riverboat


Describing this marvelous ship and its physical qualities, as well as its excessive comfort, won't be enough in order to grasp the whole concept of getting to know the Cattleya, and sail on it along the magic waters of the Marañon river, Ucayali river and some parts of the amazing Amazon river.



The Cattleya was born in 2014 with the unique purpose to bring comfort and satisfaction to the visitors who have the opportunity to engage in an excursion along the Amazon jungle. Without a doubt, this is one of the things that need to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.


The ship is brand new, and special care has been focused on its operative details with the purpose to ensure its correct functionality. Its class is considered as a first class boutique ship along its 4 cabins. The Cattleya has capacity up to 10 passengers, making the customer service very personalized for each one of the exclusive visitors.


Jesús Mesía is one of the owners of the ship, and who is also present on each and every trip. He  accompanies the passengers along the trails, and he is always concerned about the comfort that the passengers can get while they are onboard.


His vast experience in the industry has allowed him along the years to get a solid base of knowledge in this kind of exclusive tourism activity. Also, he has experience as an expeditions  naturalist leader, which has made him able to know very well the region, and develop a sharp eye in detecting hidden creatures from different species in the forest during day or night expeditions.


The crew is a very important element on this trail. All of them are very professionals, as well as skilled to give high standards in the service from the captain to the kitchen members who are in charge of the restaurant during all meals. Kindness is one of the qualities that make this crew outstanding, as well as making visitors feel the joy at home, and yet outside home.


The chefs are for instance, very famous characters in Peru, particularly in the region of Loreto. They take care to fulfill the most demanding and special orders that the passengers require onboard the Cattleya. The special order may include vegetables for vegans, or passengers that cannot consume salty food or are lactose intolerant.


For all these reasons, we invite you to experience this adventure in the Amazon region, with all the comfort possible and exclusive attention from the local people, who will be interested in talking about many anecdotes with the visitors. These attempts of socializing, guarantee that this trip is the beginning of long lasting friendships among people who are from different backgrounds and distant geographic regions in the world. By the time you arrive at home, you will get a complete satisfaction from this event at the Peruvian jungle.

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