Borneo’s orchid hotspots, diverse wildlife and scenery


The island of Borneo is one of the world’s great centres for orchid diversity. Concentrated on Borneo, there are at least 1,700 species of orchids, many of which are found no where else on earth.




This expedition focuses on visiting four locations to explore Borneo’s amazing diversity of orchids; the Bako National Park (home to lowland heathforest orchids), Mount Kinabalu (for highland and ultrahighland orchids), Mulu National Park & Mount Api (for lowland rainforest, limestone growing and highland orchids) and Mount Trus Madi (for spectacular mossy cloud forests dripping with highland orchids).


Although orchids are central to this expedition, the itinerary is balanced with many of Borneo’s other wildlife highlights, including a plethora of carnivorous pitcher plants, proboscis monkeys, vast caves, canoe trips through lowland rainforest and, with luck, open Rafflesia and Amorphophallus blooms.


Optional pre- or post-expedition extensions that can be arranged include visits to offshore islands to observe turtle hatching (4 days extra) or an intrepid rainforest expedition to climb Mount Murud (5 days extra) in the highlands of central Borneo to see a wide diversity of highland orchids, pitcher plants, bird life, and remote villages.

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