Chicopee showcases microfibre portfolio at Paris expo



Chicopee will showcase a range of innovative microfibre solutions at the Europropre fair in Paris, from March 28-30.


Visitors to the Chicopee stand, at B24-C25, will be able to see the new Microfibre Fluid Mopping System, as well as other ground-breaking products such as the Mircofibre Light. The microfibre mops are designed for short-term use and are perfect for a wide variety of sectors, from healthcare to hospitality and offices.


Traditional string mops do not necessarily deliver optimum performance as they tend to use more water when cleaning begins and less towards the end of the process, resulting in inconsistent results. What’s more, wet mopped floors can take up to 10 minutes to dry fully, increasing the risk of accidental slips and falls. String mops may contain bacteria even after laundering, which can be spread onto the next surface to be cleaned.


By contrast, Chicopee’s microfibre mopping system speeds up the cleaning process and reduces chemical consumption, while delivering a more hygienic clean. Dirt and bacteria are trapped within the unique 3D structure of the mop, which is discarded after use, so there is no danger of contaminating the next surface to be cleaned. Ergonomically designed and light and straightforward to use, the mopping tool is easy to manoeuvre and can carry up to 620ml of cleaning fluid in its in-built reservoir.


Also featured at Europropre will be the Microfibre Light cloths. Ideal for use in the healthcare sector, the cloths are designed for short-term use, removing the need for laundering. The distinctive structure traps 99.99% of microbes without the use of chemicals, so germs cannot be released onto the next surface wiped.


The show takes place at the Porte de Versailles and attracts thousands of visitors from the commercial cleaning industry.

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